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Designstitch.com and Clipartown.com Licensing Policy:

Feel free to use Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com content in commercial or noncommercial projects! And of course, you can sell our designs in machine embroidery format, as well as projects with the finished design on it. Just give us credit with a link to our website: www.Designstitch.com / www.Clipartown.com (this is madatory)

You may do what you wish with these designs as long as you do not resell, give away, or redistribute in any way, our hand drawn clipart. As well all of our clipart can be altered like and only  meaning color change, size, adding something to the design .

Now in  BACP ( Build a Clipart Pack ) you are allowed to combine the own parts of the pack  and create your exclusive clipart (thousand of poossibilities) .Also you can use the provided Plus Packs with plugins elements.You can not use parts of our pre-custom sets or limited time sets within BACP.

Anytime the clipart is used, a link to Designstitch.com or Clipartown.com must be provided where the designs are displayed. If you are in doubt about what you can use the clipart for, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about usage.

You are not permitted to...

......It is not allowed to use our artwork, take the character and use it to create new stuff or more Clipart for a set. This is copyright theft and you as a customer are not authorized to do that. You are not  allowed to make any changes to the artwork (only resize, modify colors or add simple elements !

...sell digitized designs to be resold yet again by other websites as embroidery designs.
...use any of the Content of an identifiable person (living or dead) for any commercial purpose.
...use any of the Content related to identifiable individuals or entities for any commercial purposes or in a manner which implies their endorsement of or association with any product, service, or entity
...create obscene or scandalous works, as defined by the Federal Government at the time the work is created, using the Content or any modification of the Content
...use a spider, web crawler, or other similar automated tool to download content.


Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com is not responsible for the use of Designstich.com/Clipartown.com images by members in any web pages, periodicals, or other documents. The opinions and views expressed by Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com members or visitors do not necessarily represent those of Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com, and Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com does not verify, endorse, or vouch for the content of pages or documents created by Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com members.

Further, Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com is not responsible for the delivery or quality of any goods or services sold or advertised through or on Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com members' pages.

Member responsibility. Cautions.

You are solely and fully responsible for any Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com images that become part of web pages, or other documents you post or distribute. We do not regularly review the contents of materials created or posted by our members or other visitors to our site. We strongly recommend against posting or otherwise distributing any of the following types of content, whether you obtained it from Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com; to do so could involve you in litigation, for which we in no way would be responsible.

1. Material of a lewd, lecherous, or obscene nature and intent, or that violates local, state, and national laws.

2. Any material that violates or infringes in any way upon the proprietary rights of others, including, without limitation, copyright or trademark rights; a good rule of thumb: if you don't own the copyright or have express authorization and documented permission to use it, don't use it. Please read the full text of the Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com Terms of Use, to verify that your proposed use of Designstitch.com/Clipartown.com images is acceptable.

3. Any material that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, indecent, or otherwise objectionable; this includes the posting of other people's private information.

4. Content that promotes, encourages, or provides instructional information about illegal activities -- specifically hacking, cracking, or phreaking.

5. Any software, information, or other material that contains a virus, "worm", corrupted data, or any other harmful or damaging component; hate propaganda or hate mongering; or fraudulent material or activity.

Refund Policy

Due to the electronic nature of the product and the possibility to be easily reproduced, refunds are not offered. If you have any kind of problem to download any set or receive a damage file, contact us immediately and we will send it to you again ASAP.

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